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Terminator Tube Treatment

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Terminator tube was developed over a period of Seven years in Broome Western Australia by Kimberley John Brown a very well Respected and noted Termite Specialist. With the advancement of developing the worlds first non chemical non toxic termite baiting attractant elimination system, Terminator is fast becoming one of the most successful termite elimination systems available on the market today with the specially designed and patented Terminator Tube for in ground instillation. Terminator Tube is a very successful baiting system to eliminate and control colonies of subterranean termites. 

What is Terminator Tube?
The Terminator Tube is the world's first non-chemical and non -toxic professional termite monitoring and attractant baiting system. The Terminator Tube's bait uses an organic termite attracting formula that gives off a pheromone which attract termites. Terminator Tube not only eliminates the colonies, but most importantly, provides a full property defense system which keeps new termite infestation at bay. Made from low profile, high impact plastic material it provides virtually unbreakable service for years to come.

Terminator Tube Installation:
Using an augur or petrol or hand auger make a depth of 16 inches or 400 mm. Place tube into hole and make sure it is firmly fitted into the ground. Remove bait from vacuumed seal bag, place bait into tube, then place polystyrene foam disc inside tube on top of bait. Place lid on top of tube, fit firmly using locking key to firmly tighten the lid. Continue this process every 3 meter. 
After installing Terminator Tube, do a map of Terminator Tube for example from no.1 station n to 20 for office records to refer to.

Recommend to check Terminator tube within 1 month for infestation and 2 months after the 1st inspection. To treat infestation inside Terminator Tube use dusting padder or what is approved in your country for treating baiting system. 

When sufficient termites are found in the tube, termicides are used to eradicate these termites, infecting the Queen and entire colony.

Return in 14 days, remove baits, wipe clean Terminator Tube with clean cloth and replace a new Terminator Tube with a fresh bait. Recommended check after 2 months. 

See the pictures of Terminator tube  installed at our client site ( view gallery )

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